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February Dates:

  • 24th & 25th February 

  • 10th & 11th March

Mental Wellbeing Workshps


Mental Wellbeing Workshops

There is an increase in the need for Mental Wellbeing Workshops because mental health issues are on the rise, especially after the pandemic and it is getting closer to home and often family members suffering from a mental illness or condition largely stemming from anxiety. Anxiety presents in many different ways from an underlying fear of not being worthy which presents as a lack of confidence and can have devastating consequences. Anxiety disorders are increasing this time of year with children returning or starting a new school which can affect an entire household. According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare

Of Australians aged 16–85, an estimated:

* 8.6 million have experienced a mental disorder at some time in their life (44% of the population).

* 4.2 million have experienced a mental disorder in the previous 12 months.

The most common mental illnesses in Australia are Anxiety Disorders, Affective Disorders (such as Depression) and Substance use disorders (ABS 2022a).

* Anxiety disorders (such as Social Phobia) are the most common type of disorder, affecting 1 in 6 (17%, or 3.3 million) Australians, followed by Affective disorders (such as Depressive Episode) (8%), and Substance Use disorders (such as Alcohol Dependence) (3.%).

* Almost 1 in 7 (14%) children and adolescents aged 4–17 years are estimated to have experienced a mental illness in the previous 12 months.

In addition to mental disorder prevalence, the 2020–21 NSMHWB also measured psychological distress. It found that, among Australians aged 16–85, 15% experienced high or very high levels of psychological distress. Females aged 16–34 were more likely to experience psychological distress than males of this age group (26% compared to 14%) (ABS 2022a).


The medical healthcare industry including Psychiatrists and Psychologists are so snowed under by the rise in mental health with patients experiencing long waiting times for their next appointment, this leaves the patient even more anxious waiting for the next appointment which could add to the state of anxiety.

I believe a mental health plan should be a holistic approach to wellness taking into consideration all aspects of nourishing the mind, body and spirit and providing different methods for mental wellbeing by bringing the nervous system back into balance through somatic practices such as breath, bodywork or movement, sound, energetic biofield therapies, colour - light frequency, frequency healing with the aid of devices for health and wellbeing as opposed to just talk therapy. We must remember that our bodies are electromagnetic and respond to the frequency in a positive or negative way. Our thoughts, feelings, behaviours, our food all have their own frequency, and this affects how we show up in the world either positively or negatively. Our system is constantly being challenged with external factors such as EMF radiation through extended usage of devices which affects each one of us differently as well as the nutritional value of our food.

Knowing first-hand that when our Biofield is affected through an accumulation of negative factors such as thoughts, feelings and actions and it presents as symptoms in our body. It is important to find ways to release and remove these for optimal health and wellness. My field of expertise as a Holistic Wellness Coach, Biofield Therapist, Breath Coach, and Facilitator for wellness it has created practices and tools for health and wellbeing.  I am truly blessed to have this awareness of the pathways to help and how to support myself, my family and my community. I am looking forward to sharing them with you.

We are so focused on living a perfect life in a regimented and controlled civilisation that we have forgotten to know how to connect to ourselves, others, and nature to be our soulful selves. We have forgotten how to play and enjoy life.  We need to feel and connect to ourselves, to love ourselves for who we are in all aspects in order to love and appreciate what is around us.

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"Robyn was the missing link in my daughter’s treatment for anorexia.  After many different medical appointments, one session with Robyn enabled my daughter to make a deeper connection and understanding on what her body is going through.  She is looking forward to her next session." Teen clients Mum

With mental health issues on the rise and those affected by it have this idea that they need  “fixing” because they have been diagnosed or what can be called Labelling of conditions against a certain set of criteria, it is essential to find other pathways for processing our thoughts, feeling and behaviours by using what I like to call Well Mood practices for a healthy mind, both and soul.


A mental health plan should engage all the senses as opposed to just being focused on analytical rational discussion.

The CALM Mental Wellbeing Workshops (or shall they be called Playshops/Soulshops for learning tools to express ourselves from the heart. It’s okay to be YOU). Using simple, scientific and fun exercises or activities that anyone one can use to create calmer states to a balanced response with increased energy levels.

"I was a bit nervous going to my first session as I thought I was going to see another therapist. I didn’t know what to expect, the space was calm and I felt at ease. It was different to other therapy sessions. I felt grounded and connected to myself as opposed to just talking about fixing myself." Teen Client

Imagine you had more tools and alternative pathways to finding and creating calm. This is your opportunity to tap into a pathway of resources to find more clarity contentment and joy.


Creating Calm Workshop - has 2 Parts

  • Part 1: Parent(s)

  • Part 2: Parent(s) and Children from 9+

Part 1: Parents

Part 1: Parents - What's included:

  • Come and relax, feel supported and know the power of coming together in a non-judgmental environment, where you are accepted and have a sense of belonging.

  • You will get a little taster of what is in store for Part 2 with your child or children about our thoughts, feelings and behaviour, we will also explore a bit deeper where these come from.

  • This will put you at ease in knowing what you are going to participate in at the workshop with your family and will be robust tools to change thoughts, feelings and behaviours to create a calmer environment. When environments are calm (I call these cohesive) there is a sense of flow, peace and happiness.

  • We will create a collective intention for the wellbeing of our family encompassing life’s joys and blessings 

  • We will end the evening with a meditation and sound healing with time afterwards to reflect or be a little creative as a reminder of our purpose as caregivers to our children.

  • We will discuss the second part of the CREATING CALM – MENTAL WELLBEING WORKSHOP being held as Part 2.


  • Refreshment provided

Part 2: Parents & Kids

Part 2: Parents & Kids +9 - What's included:

  • SUPPORTIVE ENGAGING AND FUN by knowing and practicing our your connection to the mind and body through creativity, movement, sound, breath, mindfulness, fun and friendships. These tools create have the power of balancing and calming our internal state and increasing energy for wellbeing and good mood.

  • Discover how our body works when we feel stress knowing that every second of the day approximately a trillion cells are born, and if you are in a stressed state then they too will be in a stressed state. Learn simple hacks or practices to calm our system.

  • Find out about the “Leaky Bucket” of how negative self-talk impacts us and those around us.. our thoughts become our reality, so it is time to explore new ways in a safe environment to create more positivity.


  • Work with and have access to a number of different tools to incorporate and build into your daily routine which are fun, engaging and empowering as you create a new calmer and more focused you. We can’t change anyone else; we can only change ourselves. The coping tools that you select from the toolbox through practice will be incremental in creating wellbeing.


  • Keep track of your progress with the tools from the tool kit you have selected. With practice and support you and your family will learn how to regulate your body and its systems.


  • Know you are supported along the way, with helpful resources and a caring community

Workshop Dates

February Creating Calm Workshop Dates

Part 2: Saturday, 25th February  or 11th March
Who should attend: Parent(s) & Children 9+

    • Venue: Boronia Grove, Epping. The meeting Room will be emailed

    • The workshop component finishes at 6.30pm


  • 6.00-7.00pm – DINNER TIME

    • This is time for parents and children to get some dinner at the local Epping or North Epping restaurants. Please note transport is NOT provided from the Epping Community Centre to the North Epping Scout Hall.



  • Venue: North Epping Scout Hall and the outskirts of the beautiful Lane Cove National Park for fun in nature as part of our mental wellbeing program. 


  • We immerse ourselves in the beauty of nature and enjoy the natural resources of Earth, Air, Water and Fire as we practice our skills of observing the beauty around us with all our senses.


  • We will have a playful and soulful "Sound Emersion" using Percussions and Drums around the camp fire (weather dependant). Please advise if a camp fire is not suitable for your child or children.


  • We will reflect on our day and how we want to be and feel BEING CALMER going forward.

Part 1: Friday, 24th February or 10th March
Who should attend: Parent(s)
Time: 7-9pm
Venue: North Epping. Address will be emailed on booking confirmation

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Knowledge required

None, but please come along with openness to explore with curiosity to enjoy new experiences and new formats for health and wellness. Remember this is about being supportive, engaging and fun!


What you'll get

Tools that you can practice at home for creating calm.



What to wear

Comfortable clothes. For the outdoor nature experience please wear sensible clothing, closed shoes and hair tied back.  


What to bring

  • Cushion suitable for the floor

  • Yoga Mat

  • A journal/notebook and pen

  • Water bottle, snacks

  • Closed shoes (for outdoors)

  • Insect repellant

  • Torch

  • Wet weather gear in case it rains

Special Needs

Please contact me regarding Special requirements and to discuss suitability of the program.


Pricing & Summary of Program

Friday evenings

  • Time: 7-9pm

  • Venue: Epping or North Epping depending on demand

  • Cost: $35.00

Saturday Workshops

  • Parent and one child aged 9+ $160.00 (for Creative Kids only use coupon: 1CALMKID100)

  • Additional child 9+ $128.00 (for Creative Kids only use coupon: 1CALMKID100)

  • Family (2 Adults & 2 Children 9+) $300.00 (for Creative Kids only use coupon: 2CALMKIDS200)

We do accept the Creative Kids Vouchers, however, we will need to verify the voucher with Services NSW prior to attendance.



  • Time: 3-6pm

  • Venue: Boronia Grove Community Centre Epping (next to Coles Epping)


Nature & Sound Activity

  • Time: 7-8pm

  • Venue: North Epping Scout Hall, 160 Boundary Road, North Epping

Note: This program is for parents too and it is a requirement for parents to attend the Friday night and also on the Saturday with their child or children. Additional family members over the age of 9 may join free of charge only for the Activity in Nature and Sound Emersion from 7.00-8.00pm  - limited places are available. Booking essentials please contact Robyn on or call 0407 461 740.


"Thank you to Robyn and Vivid You for the wonderful day my daughters attended. They both loved the introduction to aromatherapy and have been showing the family how to find the best pressure points with the lovely sample of oil they were given. The owl artwork that was created by my girls is a beautiful reminder of the skills they were taught about watercolours and it’s a skill they can take into their future. It’s a wonderful day full of new skills, friendship and relaxation. I would highly recommend it". Catriona


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