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Our thoughts create our reality. Is there a continual discussion with your internal critic? Are these your thoughts? it is time to be free of negative thoughts or disruptive patterns that are holding you back in achieving success in your new career, your studies, your athletic ability, your relationship, or your connection with your family. 


Are you being triggered by a family member, your husband/wife, your children or a work colleague? It is time to get to the bottom of what the issue is and resolve it before it manifests as a physically in your body or more emotional trauma to you and those around you.


Time to set yourself free so you can feel content, connected and at peace to get your life back on track. Don't let the constant thoughts that are triggering you consume you. 

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"I hopped on a session with Robyn last week and it was awesome. I was able to let go and release a number of things that have really been holding me back. Things which I didn’t realise were keeping me stuck. And I came away feeling a lot lighter. After the session, I hopped off and completed one of the tasks I had been sitting on for a long time. It was super freeing. Robyn has a gentle and enlightened manner. She guides you through the process, so you feel empowered to take action and stop yourself from being stuck. I can thoroughly recommend Robyn’s services to anyone who has things they need to clear and let go of". Larissa


“I had the privilege of experiencing a Theta Healing session with Robyn. It helped me heal emotional pain that had manifested into physical pain. Robyn helped me connect the two and in turn heal from both. I am so grateful for the learning experience and would highly recommend a Theta healing session for every single person. I am so grateful to Robyn and would highly recommend a Theta Healing session for everyone. That looks awesome thank you could I add in for the physical pain your bunion pain in particular”. Emilia

Our bodies are the barometer of our circumstances and physical pain / discomfort is our bodies way of saying that you are out of balance and it's time to stop and determine what the underlying cause of this pain or discomfort is.

Feel the freedom, find new levels of inner joy, peace, balance and strength. Move forward with

clarity, wholeness, renewed health and vitality.


If you are looking for a new job or a new direction in life, perhaps a crossroads. You might be feeling overwhelmed or anxious by the thought of the change. You may have had a setback such as being made redundant.

You may have self-doubt or lack confidence in applying for this new position. Let's build your confidence and self-esteem to know that you are worthy of this new role.

This is the perfect time to manifest or gain clarity and to reaffirm your life purpose as to what you want and what your talents and superpowers are.  

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High performance stress can be a daunting experience, with your mind racing and with thoughts of failure. All too often we take up the energy of those around us, our fellow students, which can lead to further anxiety.

During our session we will bring in the clarity of focussed study for successful results. You will feel more confident in being able to absorb the content more easily.

"Dear Robyn

Thank you very much for the wonderful theta healing session. After my session, I found I was able to more easily absorb harder mathematical concepts and that I was more easily learning concepts in physics and chemistry. I was also able to be more active in literary discussions about in-depth topics in very short amounts of time compared to the longer amounts it used to take,  thanks Xavier" VCE Student"


Feel the freedom, find new levels of inner joy, peace, balance and strength. Move forward with

clarity, wholeness, renewed health and vitality.


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