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"I can highly recommend Robyn as a Theta healer. I was recommended Robyn by a friend as my health had been suffering for over a year and I just couldn’t seem to get back to good health.  I had never heard of Theta healing and had no idea what to expect but was willing to try anything to improve.  Robyn had such a welcoming, beautiful nature and after just one treatment I left feeling light and overwhelmingly happy.  Three treatments in and I can honestly say that she has cleared so many blocks that I didn’t even know that I had and I can feel my body improving every day.  I still can’t explain Theta or how it works but the results are clear and I feel amazing.  Thank you, Robyn.  I have no doubt that you will be an amazing healer to many more." Karen

Reaching Out to the Sun


"I had the privilege of experiencing Theta Healing sessions with Robyn.  It helped me heal emotional pain that had manifested into physical pain in my bunion and Plantar fasciitis. She helped me connect the two and in turn heal from both. I am so grateful to Robyn and would highly recommend a Theta Healing session for everyone." Emilia

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"I am feeling good after the session and I am beginning to feel more hope and excitement about the future rather than fear." Teen client (16 years)

"Robyn was the missing link in my daughter’s treatment for anorexia.  After many different medical appointments, one session with Robyn enabled my daughter to make a deeper connection and understanding on what her body is going through.  She is looking forward to her next session." Teen client's Mum



"Dear Robyn

Thank you very much for the wonderful theta healing session. After my session, I found I was able to more easily absorb harder mathematical concepts and that I was more easily learning concepts in physics and chemistry. I was also able to be more active in literary discussions about in-depth topics in very short amounts of time compared to the longer amounts it used to take,  thanks Xavier"



"Thank you to Robyn and Vivid You for the wonderful day my daughters attended. They both loved the introduction to aromatherapy and have been showing the family how to find the best pressure points with the lovely sample of oil they were given. The owl artwork that was created by my girls is a beautiful reminder of the skills they were taught about watercolours and it’s a skill they can take into their future. It’s a wonderful day full of new skills, friendship and relaxation. I would highly recommend it". Catriona



"I was a little sceptical when I first met with Robyn about how successful her treatment would be with my foot pain. Right from the start she put me at ease and reminded me that the exercise would be as successful as I wanted it to be. Robyn has a real, genuine love for people and this shows through in her treatment. I’m pleased to say my foot pain has eased and not returned even after several months! I would definitely recommend a session with Robyn - it could change your life." Kylie



"I have received several healings from Robyn in 2020 and I am always amazed by the blocks she identifies within me. She has a gift for finding what appears to me as subtle and odd issues but once the healing is taking place I experience profound shifts. I am always excited to see her and to discover who I will become walking out. I highly recommend seeing Robyn!" Trond

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"I hopped on a session with Robyn last week and it was awesome. I was able to let go and release and a number of things that have really been holding me back. Things which I didn’t realise were keeping me stuck. And I came away feeling a lot lighter. After the session, I hopped off and completed one of the tasks I had been sitting on for a long time. It was super freeing. Robyn has a gentle and enlightened manner. She guides you through the process, so you feel empowered to take action and stop yourself from being stuck. I can thoroughly recommend Robyn’s services to anyone who has things they need to clear and let go of." Larissa



"Relaxing, rewarding and restoring.

Initially, I was sceptical about the possibility of being able to transform oneself through removing conditioned beliefs and thought patterns that are harmful to oneself.

Robyn’s calm and reassuring yet assertive approach worked for me. During the session, she identified and removed longstanding ideas and beliefs which were leading to guilt and feelings of insufficiency.  Robyn’s guidance left me with newfound peace and a sense of control.   

I value the peace and feeling of freedom that I have gained after the session with Robyn.   I am loving this new state of confidence and I am working hard to stay in this safe space.         

A session with Robyn worked for me. Highly recommended!"


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"Robyn has helped me in an extremely stressful time in my life. My dog, Dave was in pain and Robyn helped to release the pain through an incredible Theta Healing session for him. She also helped me realise where my beliefs were and how that was affecting his pain and this has helped me to release also. 
She has continually checked in with me and given me such solid advice and aftercare. 

Her healings are powerful and nurturing at the same time. I am so grateful for you Robyn." Sophie

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During my session with Robyn, she cleared feelings of not being valued. By my family, clients etc. That afternoon, I felt an instant feeling of calm and connection with my family members. Business-wise, in the following week I had a random influx of potential retainer customers all asking to work with me! It was so surreal, that I figured it must have been created by my session with Robyn. I felt valued, so therefore everyone else showed me that I was worthy of love and being paid. Thanks so much Robyn! Leanne

"I was really excited when I found out that I could go to this holiday program. My mum owns a lot of essential oils so I was really excited to test some out. I loved how we were shown how to properly use these oils, and how dangerous they can be if we handle them incorrectly. The acupressure was very cool because it showed you how to fix a headache or lift your mood only by touching the pressure points. At around lunchtime we had a great time making pizza, this was fun as we made the dough by hand and could shape it to what we preferred. After we made the pizza we waited for it to cook so we made a list of things that worry us, then on a different sheet of paper, we made a list of things that we’re grateful for.  We then kept the positive paper and scrunched up the negative paper… Once we had lunch we went to have smores!  We firstly sketched our artwork and then we watercolour painted it. I loved it so much! The teachers we had were great and really nice. And the Host, Robyn was very patient with us. I personally recommend it to all." Linda

Bowling Strike
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“During my sessions, I’ve learnt many new things about how I can cope better.  I love the feet on the grass exercise for grounding and I can do that at home.”


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