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Events & Workshops to explore the
mind & body connection

through creativity, movement, sound, mindfulness, fun & friendships

Thank you to Robyn and Vivid You for the wonderful day my daughters attended. They both loved the introduction to aromatherapy and have been showing the family how to find the best pressure points with the lovely sample of oil they were given. The owl artwork that was created by my girls is a beautiful reminder of the skills they were taught about watercolours and it’s a skill they can take into their future. It’s a wonderful day full of new skills, friendship and relaxation. I would highly recommend it. Catriona

I was really excited when I found out that I could go to this holiday program. My mum owns a lot of essential oils so I was really excited to test some out. I loved how we were shown how to properly use these oils, and how dangerous they can be if we handle them incorrectly. The acupressure was very cool because it showed you how to fix a headache or lift your mood only by touching the pressure points. At around lunch time we had a great time making pizza, this was fun as we made the dough by hand and could shape it to what we preferred. After we made the pizza we waited for it to cook so we made a list of things that worry us, then on a different sheet of paper we made a list of things that we’re grateful for.  We then kept the positive paper and scrunched up the negative paper… Once we had lunch we went to have smores!  We firstly sketched our artwork and then we watercolour painted it. I loved it so much! The teachers we had were great and really nice. And the Host, Robyn was very patient with us. I personally recommend it to all. Linda

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