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Business Meeting


Let me guide you and your brand by finding the essence of your brand, what it stands for, whom you and your brand serve. Are your marketing efforts aligned to you and your brand?  Let’s get your creativity flowing to bring your brand to life.


With almost 30 years of working in marketing in brand and new product development in different channels and industries, I can guide you with your marketing communication.


I can assist you to ensure your communication is on-brand to ensure that clients know what you do.  Often I get given business cards... to look at them months later with only a name and contact details... I have forgotten what business they are in.

If you are struggling to get new customers or moving forward to the next level by unlocking beliefs that are not serving you are essential to reach its full potential.

There are over 40 beliefs to check such as .... do you know how to be profitable, do you know what it feels like to be a successful business, all your customers are satisfied, each client refers 10 new customers to you, the success of your birthright, do you attract paying clients.......

Reach your full potential in business to realise financial abundance.

Robyn combined her talents of marketing and ThetaHealing beautifully in a session I had with her recently regarding growing my business to attract more clients. She has a talent of noticing the ‘nuggets’ said in conversation that lead to deeper exploration of the subject matter by clearing beliefs that may have been a barrier to my success. Her ability to consider the broad picture yet also to bring focus to the fine tuning is excellent and her support aligns with a desire to offer the best outcome possible. Soo


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