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  Join this FREE LIVE Webinar to talk about Success Mindset by Strengthening Your Boundaries for a more energised YOU. We will also test to see if your boundaries are down and how to reinstate your boundaries.

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Perhaps you are in a situation at home or at work where you are triggered. Do you resonate with any of these statements? 

➡️  you feel exhausted, drained and disconnected.

➡️ you give your power away

➡️ you are a people pleaser and don't have any time for yourself.

➡️ you an empath and feel what others are feeling.

➡️ you don't know the difference between your and others' thoughts.

➡️ you attract drama in your life. 

➡️ you rescue or fix relationships.

➡️ you lead your life by the expectations of others

➡️ you have emotional outbursts such as anger or sadness. 

➡️ you are in a toxic relationship being put down or criticized. 

➡️ you feel like a failure, the harder your try the more miserable you feel.

➡️ you don’t feel valued no matter what you do.

➡️ you feel you don't belong, feeling isolated or alone.

➡️ you feel stuck with no choices.

➡️ you hate your job or relationship.

➡️ you have a constant negative chatter in your mind – the monkey mind.

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   In this interactive webinar, you will learn amount beliefs and how they can change your life. 


💡Learn the different belief systems and where they come from.

💡 Learn about the subconscious beliefs that are holding you back from     

      achieving success.

💡How subconscious beliefs can be changed.

💡Learn powerful tools to re-energise and regulate your nervous system to

      be focused and centred.  

💡There will also be time for Q&A.

Your life is an expression of your conscious & subconscious beliefs and thoughts.

95% of your thoughts come from your subconscious.

Your thoughts become
your reality.
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It's time to rewrite your story and transform your beliefs to live a life of being content & happy.

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  Join this FREE LIVE Webinar to talk about Success Mindset to Strengthening Your Boundaries for a more energised YOU. We will also test to see if your boundaries are down and how to reinstate your boundaries.

Join a date and time that suits you

Dates for 2024 not released - contact me for more information

TESTIMONIAL from 1:1 Session:


Feeling Worthy for Successful Outcomes

“During my session with Robyn, she cleared feelings of not being valued by my family, clients etc. That afternoon, I felt an instant feeling of calm and connection with my family members. Business-wise, in the following week I had a random influx of potential retainer customers all asking to work with me! It was so surreal, that I figured it must have been created by my session with Robyn. I felt valued, so therefore everyone else showed me that I was worthy of love and being paid. Thanks so much Robyn!”



TESTIMONIAL from 1:1 Session:


Rewriting My Story.

“In Theta, I gently and quickly went from Why to WOW!

I finally understood, after 18 years, what the message meant and I was released from the burden I made it out to be having back pain for almost 8 years ranging from uncomfortable to unbearable.


I got to close the book on a story I had been telling myself, a story that wasn’t true, a story that caused me physical pain and affected my ability to fully connect and trust.


Theta took me on a journey of realisation, release and renewal. My mind exploded into the brightest firework show as I saw myself in a new light, I returned to me and the rewards of that were immediate relief from physical pain - which a week after our session, has not returned” 



What is the purpose of the Webinar?

The Purpose of the webinar is to broaden your perspective on life and how our subconscious beliefs affect our interactions in our life and how it makes us feel. I wish this information was taught at school and included tools to help us regulate our feelings and emotions.

At the end of the webinar, there is an invitation to work with me to assist you to feel more energised and take control of your life. Remember you can't change anyone, you can only change yourself.

I will also be sharing some handy tips to use every day to keep calm and focused.

Will there be a replay of the Webinar?

The webinar will be recorded, however, it will not be sent out to those that did not attend. So please attend as I am sure you will get valuable insights into life.


TESTIMONIAL from 1:1 Session:


"Relaxing, rewarding and restoring.

Initially, I was skeptical about the possibility of being able to transform oneself through removing conditioned beliefs and thought patterns that are harmful to oneself.

Robyn’s calm and reassuring yet assertive approach worked for me. During the session, she identified and removed longstanding ideas and beliefs which were leading to guilt and feelings of insufficiency.  Robyn’s guidance left me with newfound peace and a sense of control.   

I value the peace and feeling of freedom that I have gained after the session with Robyn.   I am loving this new state of confidence and I am working hard to stay in this safe space.         

A session with Robyn worked for me. Highly recommended!"



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