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Women's Circles, Events & Retreats

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Women's Circles to Elevate & Celebrate Life

Join in for a transformative journey of self-discovery and community connection. Each event is tailored to a specific theme and will offer a rich tapestry of activities designed to nurture your mind, body and soul, allowing you to feel deeply connected to yourself for more soulful love and to others.

Experience the magic of enjoying practices to nurture self-love, intention setting, intuition expansion and energy medicine as you explore the depths of your inner world. Engage in soulful heart-centered practices, breathwork, creative expression whilst embracing a path of empowerment, healing and self-discovery.


Together, we will create a space of sacredness, authenticity, compassion and joy where we can connect with our soul's essence and honour our unique journey. Is it time to awaken your soulful heart to increase your vibration, uplift and empower your soul, expand your consciousness and awaken the beauty of your true self to elevate and celebrate life?

Join today and discover the transformative power of soulful heart connections and personal growth.

Women's Circle Colour

Join in an exploration of colour and how colour can nourish our souls. Bring something colourful along and we will enjoy the evening with a blissful, uplifting and energising evening of meditation, movement, breathwork and heartfelt connection

What you will experience

Discover the transformative power of Soulful Hearts Connected Events:

  • Engage in soul-nurturing activities such as breathwork, mindfulness, meditation, and heart-centered practices to balance and restore the soul.

  • Explore the depths of your intuition and set powerful intentions for personal growth and transformation.

  • Experience the healing energy of energy medicine and spiritual development, allowing you to connect with your inner essence.


  • Embrace creative expression through art, journalling, sound exploration, and movement, fostering a deeper connection to your soul.


  • Connect with a supportive community of like-minded women in a nurturing and non-judgmental environment, where you can feel seen, heard, and valued.


  • Leave feeling deeply connected to yourself, your soul's purpose, and the world around you, empowered to live authentically and joyfully.

Let’s elevate and celebrate life as connected soulful hearts.

Core Principles

1. Inner Journey: Embrace self-discovery through heart-centered practices, fostering love and compassion at your own pace.

2. Earth and Quantum Connection: Explore the interconnectedness of life through grounding with the Earth and tapping into the quantum field.

3. Community Connection: Cultivate bonds with like-hearted individuals within a supportive and loving community.

4. Self-Honoring: Embrace the flow of life by honoring your values, surrendering, allowing healing, elevating, and celebrating

every moment.

5. Service Mindset: Embrace the spirit of service, offering your gifts to uplift and empower others on their journeys.

Type of Circles

There will be a variety of circles tailored to nurture your mind, body, and soul.


In our healing circles, delve deep into core issues with compassionate support and transformative practices or join an connected empowering women's circles, where exploring the senses and texutres of life. For those seeking diverse perspectives and shared experiences, our mixed circles offer a welcoming space for growth and camaraderie. Whatever your journey entails, find resonance and empowerment within our circle gatherings.

Gatherings can either be online or in person.

What can you expect to feel

  • Feel a sense of connection of being part of a group of like minded individuals on a quest for taking their well-being into their own hands in a safe space that allows for transformation to occur

  • Feel the release of letting go 

  • Feel an uplift in energy, vitality and well-being as the day unfolds and throughout the week, and month that follows …

  • Gain a deeper connection to your playful self, creative self, wise self and soulful self.

  • Gain a sense of freedom to move forward

  • Feel self-empowered for taking a step to forming a deeper connection with yourself and your journey here on earth

  • All activities take into consideration the ability of those participating, and all activities are optional as we honour your space and journey.

So, if you are looking to take some time out for yourself, learn, create, have fun and you are curious to explore then book in today, spaces are limited.

Are you ready to continue evolving your heart and soul for heart centred living?

Ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery and transformation? Take the first step towards a more balanced, connected, and vibrant life.


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