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Today we may be challenged in areas that we haven't been challenged before. Using Reiki as a way to regulate your emotions that you feel calm, more centred and also help support our immune system through our bodies ability to relax.

Learn how to tap into ’universal energy’ (‘ki’ or ‘qi’) to heal the body. Reiki helps balance, replenish and revitalise the body’s energy system.  When our bodies are in balance the body can being its own healing process. Reiki can be used for physical and emotional challenges. Once someone’s energy is balanced, their mood changes in a positive way, their nervous system resets. Reiki is great for reducing stress, supporting a positive mental health outcome and assisting in our general well being. 


Reiki is a great way to develop your spiritual journey as a foundation to becoming a more connected and heart centred self.

Style is based on Dr Usui, the original Japanese Reiki.

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