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Breath Works

Stuggling to Sleep 

If you have had a big day with excess worry or anxiety, it is often hard to fall asleep as our nervous system is still in flight or fright state.  Knowing how to fall a sleep quickly without having to toss and turn through a series of deep breathing exercised called Diaphragmatic breathing is a powerful tool to get you off for a restful sleep.


If you have a racing or monkey mind, focusing on your breath and doing this guided breathing technique will calm your mind and reset your system to the rest and digest state, which is called the parasympathetic nervous system. 

According to research for sleeping disorders, healthy breathing practices can assist in a better nights sleep along with increased melatonin and hormone production for better sleep, less stress and a calmed nervous system. They say it can also help reduce respiratory symptoms that is common with asthma.

Once you get the hang of this breath work remedy to fall asleep, it will become part of your daily routine.


This guided diaphragmatic breathing technique is great for those who struggle to fall asleep including kids. If you have had a big day, perhaps anxious or feeling overwhelmed, this breathing technique resets your autonomic nervous system into a parasympathetic state (rest and digest).


As soon as you hear yawning... the shift has begun info a restful state. TIP: put your hand or hands on your belly so you can feel the belly rising and falling... breathing in and out is always through the nose is preferable (as you absorb more oxygen this way), but breathing in and out through your mouth will work as well. 

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