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June/July 2021 School Holiday Program

Wellness workshops designed to empower and engage the senses.
Practice your connection to the mind and body through creativity, movement, sound, breath, mindfulness, fun and friendships.
You design and create

Tuesday, 6th July 2021

Wednesday, 7th July 2021

Thursday, 8th July 2021

Mindful Rock Art & Zen Garden.png
Create a Vanilla Scrub & Aloe Gel
Vanila Scrub.png
Vanila Scrub.png

Wednesday, 7th July 2021

Bookings Closed
Mindful Rock Art & Zen Garden.png

Tuesday, 6th July 2021

Bookings Closed
We have updated our School Holiday Program Workshops to accommodate the 
current situation and we are going online. We are in the process of preparing
the exciting program which will be delivered to you.
Ages: 7-16
Venue: online - via zoom.
Workshop Times:
  • Morning: 10am - 12.00pm
Cost: $40.00
Kits for these workshops will be delivered by Monday, 5th July for the
workshop commencing on 6th July 2021.
Bookings for these workshops must be by Friday, 2nd July 2021. 
Deliveries to Hills District Residents only (pick can be arranged).
Daily Activities include experiences in: Sound, Mindfulness of ourselves, others and nature, Movement, Breath, Fun and Friendships.
Spaces are limited, so don't delay booking.
Should you wish to discuss or know more, please contact Robyn on 0407 461 740 or email me at

Thursday, 8th July 2021

Superheros and Superpowers

We are going to tap into your superpowers which could be a cartoon character or a real person.  What makes a superhero.

This workshop is to designed to create a visual diary or journal - to download all your thoughts, draw in positivity and let go or disconnect from the things that aren’t serving our superpowers with mindfulness and gratitude.

In your Kit will receive your diary, beautiful heart embellishments to bring our journal to life. 

We will design our journal or diary around elements of colour and how we can use colour to change to identify how we feel and how we want to feel. 

Using our big heart energy to have the lingo on gratitude, happiness, joy, love and more.

Nurture our superhero energy and keep it turned on to be a leader.

There will be a movement session creating shapes to amazing sounds to get the energy moving.

Bookings Closed
Jani final.jpg

Create your own Skincare products 

Explore nature's herbs and plants that are available in our everyday living. 

Join this workshop where we are going to create our own skincare products.


  • Aloe Soothing Gel

  • Sugar Scrub

We will discuss the importance of looking after our skin. What the benefits are of using gentle scrubs vs harsh scrubs, using natural skincare products. The feel of products on the skin.

Using the materials in your kit which will contain the ingredients and containers to make these two products.  All you need to provide is a bowl and cutlery for mixing. Using the art of design and create we will mix, fill and mixing, filling and creating the label. 

This workshop is designed to challenge your senses of creative learning. 

There will be a movement session creating shapes to amazing sounds to get the energy moving.

Create Mindful Rock Art & Zen Garden


Our world around us provides pleasure in the beauty and wonders of rocks, plants and nature elements. 


In this workshop, we are going to tap into creating a peaceful zen garden using succulents and rock features, we will discuss how gardens make us feel and how they can calm the mind, how to balance the flow of the elements. 

We will discuss nature elements and the benefits of nature on our soul, especially when we are surrounded by mobile phones etc.

We will practice how to ground our energy to negate these negative waves.


Our rock art will include a discussion on being mindful and will create our unique peace-loving design to reflect on. (coloured textas and paints not included in the kit).

If you have a favourite rock, it's time to put it on display in your garden (however we will provide you will all that you need to create your garden) We will also discuss mindfulness and the creation of beautiful rock art.

There will be a movement session creating shapes to amazing sounds to get the energy moving.

Depending on time we will talk about Iconic rocks, rock music vz zen music and the benefits, rock cartoons, do a rock dance and of course movement and breathing 

Create Mindful Zen Garden & Rock Art
Create Your SuperPower Diary
Expression of Interest
Please let us know if you are interested in this event

Create Your Own Fragrance

We explore the benefits of smell in our everyday life and how fragrances make us feel, a masterclass of smells.

Fragrance Spray Workshop where we design and create our own “feel good” sprays, infused with Aura-Soma colour and high vibrational essences for happiness and vitality. Girls will tap into their angel or diva powers and boys their dragon powers to create these enchanted sprays and with their unique creative design for the label.

Let our appreciation for the sense of smell be harnessed and enriched. 

Crystal Workshop.png
Expression of Interest

Rocks, Gems & Crystal Workshop

Our world around us provides pleasure in the beauty and wonders of rocks, gems and crystals. We are going to explore the amazing benefits of crystals and how to use them and care for them.


Bring your favourite rock, gem or crystal for a day of discovery, through workshops and creative art experiences we are going to design and explore shapes, textures and natural colours.

Please let us know if you are interested in this event

Thank you to Robyn and Vivid You for the wonderful day my daughters attended. They both loved the introduction to aromatherapy and have been showing the family how to find the best pressure points with the lovely sample of oil they were given. The owl artwork that was created by my girls is a beautiful reminder of the skills they were taught about watercolours and it’s a skill they can take into their future. It’s a wonderful day full of new skills, friendship and relaxation. I would highly recommend it. Catriona

I was really excited when I found out that I could go to this holiday program. My mum owns a lot of essential oils so I was really excited to test some out. I loved how we were shown how to properly use these oils, and how dangerous they can be if we handle them incorrectly. The acupressure was very cool because it showed you how to fix a headache or lift your mood only by touching the pressure points. At around lunch time we had a great time making pizza, this was fun as we made the dough by hand and could shape it to what we preferred. After we made the pizza we waited for it to cook so we made a list of things that worry us, then on a different sheet of paper we made a list of things that we’re grateful for.  We then kept the positive paper and scrunched up the negative paper… Once we had lunch we went to have smores!  We firstly sketched our artwork and then we watercolour painted it. I loved it so much! The teachers we had were great and really nice. And the Host, Robyn was very patient with us. I personally recommend it to all. Linda

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