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Child Safe Policy

Introduction - Describe the policy intent and to whom it applies.

Our policy guides workers (paid and volunteer) on how to behave when interacting and engaging with children in our organisation, Vivid You. The policy focuses on how we can build and maintain a child-safe environment that is inclusive, transparent and promotes children’s participation.

Children’s Participation - Describe how you involve children and get them to actively participate in your organisation.

Our organisation supports the active participation of children in the programs, activities and services we offer.

We provide a range of way to allow children to provide feedback or raise concerns. We listen to their views, respect what they say and involve them when we make decisions, especially about matters that will directly affect them.

Recruitment - Describe how you select suitable workers to work with children

Vivid You will maintain consistent recruitment, screening and selection process.


Applicants will need to go through an interview process (interview questions will include SOAR based), references will be check (3 references if possible), including providing a valid Working with Children Check number or have applied for one.

Complaints Management and Reporting - Department of Family and Community Services NSW Ombudsman Office of the Children’s Guardian.

  • Complaints can be verbal or written.

  • All verbal complaints will be noted and filed in the complaint register and addressed accordingly.

  • List any reporting requirements under the relevant

  • Robyn Alexandrov (Managing Director) will manage and address all issues with regards to safety and complaints of employees and children.

  • The following will be the steps in managing the complaints.

  • Identify the complaint (verbal or written)

  • Record the complaint with the date, time, details of the complaint, including who has taken the complaint.

  • Set a meeting with the Managing Director to discuss the complaint and discuss suitable solutions to the complaint.

  • Discuss possible outcomes with the person(s) that put the complaint forward and find a solution.

  • Once resolved, complete the section under feedback in the register. Written confirmation would be required to formalise the closure of the complaint.

Training, support and supervision of workers - Describe what training you provide and how you support and supervise your workers

Vivid You promotes respect, fairness and consideration for all workers or employees.


  • All workers have a more senior worker assigned to support and supervise their work.


  • All new workers will receive a copy of all child safe policy and procedures and a more senior worker will set up a meeting to discuss the policies and allow the new worker to ask questions and clarify their understanding.


Child safety will be included as an agenda item at meetings and workers are encouraged to ask questions and contribute to the continuous improvement of child safe policies, procedures and practices in the workplace

Other legislation, industry standards or internal policies - List any other legislation or industry standards which may be relevant to your child safe policy.

  • Child Protection (Working With Children) Act 2012

  • Children and Young Persons (Care and Protection) Act 1998

  • Recruitment Policy

  • Disciplinary Policy

  • Codes of Conduct

  • Vision, Values and Aims Statement

  • Complaints and allegations policy

  • Training support and supervision policy

  • Child Wellbeing and Child Protection Policies and Procedures for NSW Health

Communication - Identify the ways in which you will communicate and educate your stakeholders on the key messages within your child safe policy.

  • We will hold regular information sessions for staff, volunteers and students.

  • Our policy will be discussed during induction sessions for all new staff, volunteers and students.

  • Kids and parents joining our program/s will receive a copy of the Policy, Code of Conduct and Dealing with the Complaints process.


Parents will have access to the Child Wellbeing and Child Protection Policy and Procedures for NSW Health and also the Vivid You Child Safe Policy which provides the guidelines and prevention of child protection. 

Review - Set a date to review and update your child safe policy for continuous improvement purposes.

The policy and guidelines will be reviewed every two years and incorporate comments and suggestions from our range of stakeholders (including workers, children and families). Next review date. 6/5/2023

Robyn Alexandrov - Working with Children Check Number: WWC0806051E - valid for paid and unpaid work (expiry: 23/03/2026)

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