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Family Dinner
May new beginnings be blessed from the start to create the loving memories in your happy home.


Moving into a new home is exciting and it is good practice to take the time to honour the home and the land and to clear any traumas or negative energies of the past. Conducting a new home blessing and setting intentions for the land, the home and individual rooms for happy memories is always a good start once you move in.

Selling a home also needs blessings and clearings to attract the right buyer at the right price.

There are over 20 beliefs in healing a home such as .... I allow happiness for my family, I know how to feel valuable/valued/ special/wanted, I feel safe, I know what it feels like to inspire creativity, I allow clear communications.

There are over 30 beliefs to review for selling a home such as attracting buyers easily, negative market sentiments if there has been trauma in the home to release so the energy is clear for the prospective new buyer. 


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