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Come and enjoy other like-minded women as we embrace our womanhood with International Women's Day.  Let's celebrate the essence of womanhood through heart-centered activities that nurture the mind, body, and spirit.  Be empowered and embrace honouring International Women's Day with transformative practices including breathwork, meditation, movement, creative expression and journaling. These women's circles are a welcoming and supportive space where women can come together to connect, reflect, and grow in community.

What to expect:

All about the retreas

International Women's Day 2024 Women's Circle

What's included

Circles and gatherings are supportive and non-judgmental space, where you can connect with other women in a meaningful way. There is usually a theme to a circle which is meaningful. It is a time for heart and soul growth, healing, and community, where you can deepen your self-awareness and find the courage and clarity to live your best lives.

1. Opening circle and introductions where the circle may begin with an opportunity for everyone to introduce themselves and share a little bit about why they have come to the circle and set powerful intentions.

2. Heart-centred breathwork to connect and release or let go of unwanted feelings, emotions and old patterns 

3. Guided meditation or activities where you may be guided in meditation or activities to ground and connect with your body, mind, soul and the group. This may also include cacao ceremonies, sound or healing experiences such as Reiki, Theta Healing, group intentions and energy healings.

4. Group discussions to engage in sharing any insights and wisdom on a specific topic as guided by the topic of the circle (optional sharing)

5. Creative expression in some circles there may be opportunities for creative expression, such as journaling, art-making, or movement, to help tap into your intuition and inner wisdom to create more joy and flow in life.

6. Closing ceremony at the end of the circle to assist you in integrating your insights and experiences and leave you feeling grounded and inspired with positive emotions of love, joy, bliss, and peace.

What you will experience

What you may experience

Depending on where you are in your individual journey, you may experience at a Women's Circle 

  • Feel a sense of connection of being part of a group of women on a quest for taking their well-being into their own hands in a safe space that allows for transformation to occur

  • Feel the release of letting go 

  • Feel an uplift in energy, vitality and well-being that may be carried through as the days / weeks / months unfold being with like-minded women

  • Gain a deeper connection to your playful self, creative self, wise self and soulful self.

  • Gain a sense of freedom to move forward

  • Feel self-empowered for taking a step to forming a deeper connection with yourself and your journey here on earth

  • All activities take into consideration the ability of those participating, and all activities are optional as we honour your space and journey.

So, if you are looking to take some time out for yourself, learn, create, have fun and you are curious to explore the connection in circles then book in today, spaces are limited.

What to bring

Knowledge required

None, but please come along with openness to explore with curiosity and to honour yourself to allow your intentions to be manifested



What to wear

Comfortable clothes (that could get a little art/craft materials on them), we will try and be as tidy as possible.


What to bring

  • Cushion suitable for the floor to sit on

  • Yoga Mat

  • A journal / notebook and pen

  • Water bottle

  • Please bring a small item that holds personal significance for you, symbolising womanhood. It could be a scarf, a flower or any meaningful object that resonates with your journey as a woman.

  • Travel mug or cup so we can share a cuppa tea afterwards


Suitable for

This circle is for women over 18 years 



Date: Friday, 8th March 2024

Time: 7 - 9pm


Venue: Epping Creative Centre, Dense Park, 26 Stanly Road, Epping


Price: $27.50 

Concession Price: $24.50

Proceeds will be donated:

Proceeds for this International Women's Day Circle will be donated to Hope and Heal Retreats - 

Hope and Heal is a not-for-profit organisation providing weekend rehabilitative retreats for women who have survived intimate partner violence (IPV). To find our more about their work please visit their website.

Contact me if you need assistance.

Includes a light refreshment.


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