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looking Radiant is easy


Discovering your personal colours is a rewarding experience because you will look and feel your best for life.

Wearing the right colours vs the wrong colours can make a big difference to how you look and feel. 

The right colour will: 

  • Add radiance to your complexion, hair and eyes

  • Makes the whites of eyes and teeth look brighter

  • Smooth out small lines and wrinkles

  • Hide shadows under the eyes

  • Minimise any imperfections

  • Wearing your correct colours means you will look younger and more radiant

  • NO dress, hairstyle or makeup can achieve the radiance created by your own personal colours.

The wrong colour will:

  • Accentuate lines and wrinkles

  • Darken and dull the complexion

  • Give yellow tinge to the complexion

  • Emphasize shadows under the eyes and make them look darker

  • Harden the features and age the face

  • Accentuate any redness of the skin

  • Accentuate blemishes or imperfections

  • Give a tired unhealthy appearance

  • To look great – it is time for your Personal colour consultation!

Take a look at the two pictures of Georgie. One with the right colours in the stunning cool pink and the other the wrong colours in the warm red orange. The warm Autumn colour is not right she looks tired, her complexion is dull with a yellow tinge, the eyes have lost their sparkle and look smaller and teeth are yellow.


Wearing the right colours will bring out the best in your to look and feel your best for life.

Summer Bonner Light.png
Personalised Colour Palette - tailored to your
unique skin, hair & eye colour

Robyn is such a warm and generous colour consultant! The process was very relaxing and pampering. My colour palette has made such a difference to me. I had no idea what colours suited me, so the palette has made shopping so easy! I’ve been complemented on how well I look so often as a result, and I was even asked if I had been to a rejuvenation retreat! I would so recommend Robyn to anyone who wants to transform their image and to feel and look fantastic! Neri, Hills District, June 2016

Book in for your personal colour consultation today!

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