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Events Disclaimer

Last updated: February 2024

DISCLAIMER: You are booking into a group event and it is in no way intended to replace regular medical treatment, replace medical advice, or even make a diagnosis. If you are having symptoms of illness or issues of any nature, please seek medical attention. Many transformational sessions work on the subconscious belief systems or energetic field.  This process works best when you take action.  If you choose to seek medical treatment as part of your wellness journey, you can combine our sessions with any medical treatment. There are no guarantees you will be healed or cured. Please do not rely upon these sessions as the only treatment you receive.  Any claims of healing mentioned are direct examples of healings the practitioner has personally experienced either on themselves or with other students or clients where Breathwork, Theta Healing, Reiki or Access Bars may have contributed to ease or release of physical or emotional symptoms. By agreeing to this you waive Robyn Alexandrov and Vivid You from the liability of any pre-existing physical, mental, emotional or spiritual condition you may have or anything you may experience during or after a consultation, session or group work.  You accept full responsibility in continuing your treatment (if applicable) during and afterwards and consulting a medical professional before starting, changing or stopping medication/treatment.

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