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Happy Family

I would love to help you create more joy and purpose in life by empowering you to tap into your body, mind and soul’s wisdom through Holistic Wellness Coaching, Biofield energy therapies and group circles & retreats.


Work with me one-on-one or in groups to elevate and celebrate life’s joys such as wedding blessings, bridal showers, mother honouring blessings and women’s celebration circles.

Did you know that every second of the day approx a trillion new cells come online in your body?
  • What state is your body, mind and soul in?
My Mission is to empower you with alternate pathways to wellness using ancient wisdom and modern-day wellness principles. Do you want to know how to be in alignment to heal yourself for more joy and aspired living. 

It's a holistic approach to wellness

Dealing with anxiety

There are many ways to deal with anxiety and many of my clients have some level of anxiety, whether that be from feeling overwhelmed to being guilty about being a parent. There is also anxiety around supporting loved ones when they're going through a difficult or traumatic time. There are many ways to deal with anxiety and I am here to support your transformation to heal and evolve when your time is right so you can be the best for life. How you show up to face the world and to be the best version of yourself in the present moment. It's time to live life to the full and let go of what is holding you back to be empowered and to enjoy life to the full.

Self-empowerment and transformation comes when you are aware that something in your life needs to change. How you show up to face the world and to be the best version of yourself in the present moment. It's time to live life to the full and let go of what is holding you back to be empowered. I am here to support, guide and bear witness to your transformation.

When our life is in balance and we are energetically aligned we can manifest abundance with a life filled with joy and happiness.

Vivid You Wellbeing helps you enjoy new levels of inner joy, peace, balance and strength. Move forward with clarity wholeness, renewed health and vitality. Heal physical and mental challenges, and resolve emotional triggers.

Book in today for the new Vivid YOU!

Rock Balancing

Once you know how to reset and rebalance your overactive system (body and mind) you are able to cope and see the wood for the trees.

I help people manage stress and anxiety (yes everyone has stress and anxiety) but when life is out of balance and don't have the coping mechanisms stress gets stored in the body and we become 'imbomlised". 

In one-on-one empowerment sessions, we explore the presenting mental, emotional and/or physical state which may present as anxiety, guilt, outbursts or triggers, fear/phobia, dis-ease or disorders. You will be empowered to know the origin of the source. By using powerful yet gentle techniques we clear any limiting beliefs, dissolve blocks and reprogram the conscious and subconscious mind through the theta brainwave state. You will have the wisdom to understand what’s holding you back from feeling your inner joy so you can move forward with clarity, wholeness, renewed health and vitality.


Or if talking is not your thing, try a Biofield therapy such as Reiki or Access Bars which works within the body’s subtle energies to assist in improving your natural healing ability, reduce stress, induce a state of relaxation and improve your well-being to find your joy. If you are called to explore learning about energies and how to use Biofield healing in your life, I'd be honoured to empower you and guide you to awaken the healer in you.

Dalai Lama

"Happiness is the highest form of health"


The contents website are for informational purposes only and are not intended as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or healthcare provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

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