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  • Are you not seeing eye to eye with your child or children?

  • Does your child trigger you?

  • Is your child or children driving you crazy?

  • Do you feel you are continually shouting and getting nowhere?

  • Do you feel there are no other options available?

  • Do you feel that there is more you can do?

Happy Family

Hello, my name is Robyn and I am a mother of twins, a wife and a community leader in the Hills District in Sydney. I have been called to support mums, dads and children through today’s challenges.

Children of today have learnt to express themselves differently and have different social challenges. Some children have been labelled as they have been supported through the medical system. Parents you should be commended for supporting your child or children today as in my day we were told to be seen and not heard, which had its own challenges of not expressing feelings.

I stand with you as a parent who felt life was out of control, continually stressed, shouting to maintain order, watching our children withdraw and become isolated, sad, wanting to be labelled, feeling anxious as their world and friendships crumble.  I can only say that I am blessed to have some understanding of the medical and more so complementary therapy solutions, which has helped us cope through today’s challenges.

I am a complementary therapist and have been called to support and guide you and our future generations with tools to be more balanced, happier, content and engaged.  I come from a place of experience and have witnessed amazing transformations using complementary therapies and remedies.

If you would like to know more and would like to book in for a 15-minute discovery session, please book in or call me directly on 0407 461 740.

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