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Heatfelt Bridal Showers

A ceremonial gathering of maidens and elders to celebrate and prepare the
bride-to-be for her exciting day.

Bridal Shower Activities with Heart and Style

Planning the Perfect Bridal Shower

When it comes to planning the perfect bridal shower it can sometimes be tricky and overwhelming as you have to co-ordinate friends and family of the bride and try and plan activities that everyone will enjoy.  The good news is that I provide a personalised bridal shower service with tasteful activities to create a totally memorable experience that will be enjoyed by everyone of all ages and all cultures too.

Watch this Bridal Shower video 

Your Bridal Shower can be just as wonderful filled with lots of fun, heartfelt creativities and friendships.


Watch this Bridal Shower video of Jess' shower to give you a taste of what you can create... 

Video courtesy of: Art Kaïque

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Creating the Perfect Bridal Shower

In all bridal showers we have a “Ceremonial Welcome and Closing” these two activities are always included in a package:

Ceremonial Welcome and Closing


In the Ceremonial Blessing Circle, we welcome love and light at the start of the event as we come together and connect to the hearts and souls. We carry out this activity by releasing all challenges/ burdens that no longer serve us and in turn bringing in all the wonderful aspects we want to embody. This includes a blessing of light and love for the bride and the bridegroom in preparation for their life together. After this ceremony, you will feel connected in friendship and elevated.

At the end of each event, we close with a Ceremonial Closing: of weaving of our hearts having a deep sense of knowing of lasting connections. 

Choose Your Activities

Now choose the activities that you would like to include in your package to create the ultimate bridal shower experience:

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Activity 1: Cocoa Ceremony

Drinking ceremonial Cocoa has been a tradition in South America for centuries as it opens the heart.  Cocoa makes us feel euphoric and is also very good for health and vitality. Bring joy into your life with Cocoa you will almost instantly feel its benefits.

Activity 2: Boho Inspired Floral Headpieces

If you like Boho this is the perfect inclusion with either fresh or paper flower headpieces.  These make for the perfect pictures when all maidens are wearing their bespoke flower headpieces. If you want to keep the headpieces as a memorable token of this special day, it is suggested that paper flowers are chosen). All materials provided.

Boho Headpieces
Activity 3: Blessings Box

“Your HEART wishes” for a new life journey for your friend. Create a treasure chest of good wishes, memorable moments, abundant affirmations, and visions for her new future. All materials provided.

Activity 4: Maiden Art-Magic 

Journey through music and movement to tap into your creative heart to create magical creative writings and/or artwork for the bride-to-be. All materials provided.


My hen's night - Robyn's bridal shower circle


Robyn's created a beautiful space for everyone to connect, let go and enjoy the moment of the day. Making the flower headbands and the cocoa ceremony brought us together more. Robyn's creative way of intuitively knowing how to gear the party to the energy and the ladies in the room was just perfect! She just naturally adapts as she goes. I honestly loved it so much! I had so much fun and would definitely love to do it again or recommend it for lots of different occasions. Thanks Jessxx


Things to know

  • Groups of 20 are ideal however if there are more than 20 there will be an extra charge for an assistant.

  • How long does it take, ideally an event would go for an hour and a half (dependent on activities chosen)

  • Location: Greater Sydney (travelling outside of Greater Sydney travel costs will need to be included.

  • Venue: I can come to you or find the perfect venue (finding a suitable venue will incur a charge).  

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